Journey Through Armenia
Articles and Photos by Andranik Michaelian
Western Armenia – May 1996
Return to Bitlis
Sivas – A Hundred Years Full Circle
Impressions of Ani
Van – Armenian Stronghold

Armenia & Karabagh – 1997
Two Days in Yerevan
Where Eagles Play
Karabagh – Forgotten Paradise
Armenia & Karabagh – 1998
Chapar Village – Full Moon over Karabagh
Karabagh – Pilgrimage to Hadrut
We Are Our Hills
At Home in Alaverdi

Armenia & Karabagh – 1999
Hadrut – Life, Memory, Perseverance
Gachaghagapert – Fortress of the Magpies
Autumn in Yerevan

Western Armenia – 2005
Return to Moush

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