Recommended Links
Founded by Harold Hagopian in 1993 in New York, Traditional Crossroads is a small recording company that specializes in both classic and new recordings of traditional music from various countries of the Near East, including Armenia, Iran, Greece, and Turkey. An accomplished musician, Hagopian is dedicated to bringing this seldom heard music to a larger audience.
Atom Egoyan is well known to moviegoers for his thoughtful, artistic films, including Calendar, The Sweet Hereafter, and Ararat. Visit this site to learn more about these and other Egoyan projects.
Many of William Michaelian’s short stories and poems have been translated into Armenian, and have appeared in various literary publications here in Yerevan. His work has also been read on Armenian National Radio. His website includes information about his 2005 collection of translations, The Old Language (Hin Lezun), available in Yerevan bookshops and online, as well as his two new poetry collections, Winter Poems and Another Song I Know, published by Cosmopsis Books in San Francisco. It also features dozens of stories, poems, and drawings,
his popular Songs and Letters, and much more.
This informative site focuses on the rich history and many cultural achievements of Artsakh, the region known to the rest of the world as Nagorno-Karabagh. There is also a page devoted to news and current events, as well as a list of nearly 800 related links. Armenian, English, and Russian are supported.
Ichevan Region
Northeastern Armenia
A colorful, comprehensive guide to Armenia that includes information on the arts, travel, and everything in between. The site’s busy main page is a statement unto itself, offering dozens of links that appeal to a wide range of interests. Armenian fonts are also available.
Created in April 1999, the TourismArmenia website is a collection of information for people planning a trip to Armenia, or for those considering the possibility. Important events, tours, entertainment, accommodations, restaurants, and transportation are all covered.
A neatly designed and easy-to-use Armenian search engine. Sites are listed under several useful categories, such as art, books, music, history, news, Armenia, and the Armenian Genocide.
“Hye Etch” is a comprehensive site featuring in-depth articles and essays about Armenian art, music, culture, and general subjects of interest to Armenians and those who wish to learn about Armenia. Well designed and easy to navigate. Highly recommended. is the ambititous project of Nazaret Armenagian. The focus of his website is the Armenian community of Cyprus. It contains sections on the history of that community, news, articles, a growing telephone directory, art gallery, and related links. Visitors’ comments and ideas are welcome.
This Armenian literature page features a nice selection of links compiled by Lane Rasmussen of the Newman Library at Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg, Virginia. It is comprised of two sections: links to literature pages, and links to pages that focus on specific authors, which have been arranged chronologically from ancient times to the present. Armenian and Armenian Diaspora literature and authors are represented.
Founded by Anna and Karen Vrtanesyan and maintained by a large supporting cast, this site features a growing collection of documents on Armenian literature, history, religion, and other Armenia-related topics. Texts are available in English, Armenian, and Russian.
Dedicated to the preservation of the traditional music of the world, this site details the music of many nations, taking special care in researching the music and its history while presenting it in a clear and concise manner. Recommended site for those searching for the roots of world music.
The Armenian Tourism Development Agency pursues the development of Armenian tourism here and around the world. The organization represents Armenia at international trade shows, exhibitions, and conferences, arranges trips to Armenia meant to familiarize travel writers, tour operators and agents with the country, and sponsors festivals and events. Their website offers an interactive map of Armenia, many related links, and a “virtual tour” of the country.
The Orran Benevolent Non-Governmental Organization was founded in Yerevan in 2000 in order to help prevent the spread of destitution and begging among Armenia’s children and elderly. Their mission of helping families in need is overseen by a professional staff and several volunteers, and is supported by individual donations.
This is a frequently updated and comprehensive Armenian directory, with categorized links to Armenian sites, resources and more.
The Armenia Fund was established by presidential decree in 1992 to unite Armenians in Armenia and the Diaspora and help establish sustainable development in Armenia and Artsakh. The Fund’s mission is to combine the efforts and means of Armenians from around the world and channel their efforts in reconstructing and strengthening Armenia.

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